Monday, March 10, 2008

20% off Cherry Tree Hill Yarn Today at The Yarn and Fiber Company

Designer Visits and Workshops
The Yarn and Fiber Company is proud to announce that a lace workshop with Galina Khmeleva will be held in the beginning of the week of July 20 (right before TKGA). Galina and I are still working on the format of the workshop and the exact dates but it is sure to be a wonderful class - she is awesome! Please give me a call if you would like to be added to the call list - this will be a first come, first serve class and is sure to fill fast (603/898/5059). If you are coming from out of state and need help with hotel bookings, etc. please let me know and I happy to help on this end. So extend your stay for TKGA and enjoy Lace with Galina, then onto the TKGA 10 miles up the road. What a great week!

Also, we have just found out that designer Louisa Harding will be visiting The Yarn and Fiber Company in April, 2008. YEAH! Stay posted for the exact time and date... we have it narrowed down to one of the following days, April 16, 17 or 18th, but Louisa's schedule is not set yet. I will let everyone know the exact time and date as soon as we know.

Now back to the sale! :)
Welcome to the The Yarn and Fiber Company March Madness Sale! Each day a new yarn line will be put on sale at 12:00 PM EST - (except Sundays). Check back daily so you do not miss out on sales on your favorite yarns at a great price.

20% off MSRP for In Stock Yarns from Cherry Tree Hill Yarns March 11, 2008, 12:00 EST through March 12, 2008, 11:59 AM EST

Using a unique blending process, Cherry Tree Hill Yarn artisans individually hand dye and hand paint yarn at their studio in the Green Mountains of Vermont. Cherry Tree Hill Yarns take great pride in providing you with only the highest quality yarns.

Alpine Baby Loop MSRP $40.00 Sale Price $32.00

Artisan Lace Yarn MSRP $18.00 Sale Price $14.40

Baby Sachet Ribbon MSRP $22.00 Sale Price $17.60

Cascade Silk Yarn MSRP $56.00 Sale Price $44.80

Glitter Alpaca MSRP $16.00 Sale Price $12.80

Glitter Sachet Ribbon MSRP $28.00 Sale Price $22.40

Glitter Thick and Thin MSRP $20.00 Sale Price $16.00

Jumbo Loop Mohair MSRP $32.00 Sale Price $25.60

Merino Lace Yarn MSRP $40.00 Sale Price $32.00

Oceania Yarn MSRP $66.00 Sale Price $52.80

Possum Lace Yarn MSRP $28.00 Sale Price $22.40

Sachet Ribbon Yarn MSRP $24.00 Sale Price $19.20

Silk and Merino DK MSRP $36.00 Sale Price $28.80

Silken Mohair MSRP $40.00 Sale Price $32.00

Sockittome Sock Yarn MSRP $22.00 Sale Price $17.60

Supersock DK MSRP $22.00 Sale Price $17.60

Supersock Solid Yarn MSRP $18.00 Sale Price $14.40

Supersock Yarn MSRP $22.00 Sale Price $17.60

Suri Alpaca Lace Yarn MSRP $26.00 Sale Price $20.80

Sale rules and policies: Sale begins promptly on March 1st at 12:00 PM EST and ends on April 1st at 11:59 AM EST. Saturday sale post will run from 12:00 PM EST to the following Monday 11:59 AM EST. Yarn lines change daily at 12:00 PM EST. Your online order must be placed prior to 11:59 AM EST to receive the sale price for that day. All sale yarns are final purchase – no returns and no cancellations of orders excepted. Sale price does not apply to special orders or backorders. Sale applies only to in-stock yarn. No phone orders please. The Yarn and Fiber Company reserves the right to remove and/or add items to the sale on any given day at any given time without notice. Items that run out of in-stock quantities may be removed from the online sale without notice as deemed necessary by The Yarn and Fiber Company.