Thursday, May 31, 2007

Prisms Newest Colors - They Just Get Better and Better!

Prism just sent us there three new colors of Stuff for the season. - Cabernet, Moss and Sierra.....What Gorgeous colorways! Moss reminds us of Tumbleweed (a favorite here) without the eyelash and the purples.... just those wonderful greens.... this yarn is yummy!

We also had them ship us some Felt Me! and Loopy - each are feltable yarns that when felted the rayon comes to the surface and makes a wonderful fabric - we are all scheming about what we should make with this yarn... some say a Felted Fall Jacket others are thinking of felted purses. I think anything we make will come out fantastic!

Here is a a picture of the Loopy in Arroyo and the Felt Me! picture is shown in Mojave. The Loopy is much brighter than the Felt Me! but both are wonderful.... Stop by and see some... we would love your suggestions on what to make with this fabulous yarn!

Gnuman the Gnome Crashes our Knitting Class!

Gnuman the Gnome crashed our knitting class last night and what a party-crasher he is... all the girls were oogling over him and stitches were dropped all around. He is such a little hunk and that soft beard is just irresistable.... hmmm.... we all hope we get to meet him again! Gnuman signed autographs and told us tales of his adventures from coast to coast (he frequently travels between Seattle and NH) and then informed us that he is now an experienced fork lift driver thanks to his new friends Debbie and Mary. He is also now a professional camper and ready to take on the wilds of any forest. Gnuman told us of his friends in the deep woods that include a raccoon, bears, chipmunks and even mentioned have a drink by a pool with Bambi. He is amazing!!!! For more info on Gnumans travels, please visit The Knitting Gnome Swap. Maybe you could be lucky enough to either visit or sponsor Gnuman in your home for a while. Have fun! We are!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Can a Person Have Too Much Noro?

And the answer is ..... (drum roll) ..... absolutely.... NOT! The new Noro Kureyon colors for Fall 2007 arrived today....mmmmmmmm..mmmmmmmmm... good!!!!!!! (Well at least most of the new colors arrived a couple are still on backorder but will be worth the wait). The new colors include 195, 196, 199, 207, 209, 213, 214 and 215.

They are gorgeous - of course - and started to sell online even prior to the pictures being put up... Kureyon-Craziness! I love it! And these would make some great squares for the lizard ridge afghans that are being made... woo hoo...we're excited!

We also added Noro Cashmere Island to our line-up... not online yet, but soon...very soon! Also, the Debbie Bliss Silkinence yarn arrived... two bags of every color and a sweet model to look at....
We are pouring over new lines to bring for Fall and Carin is planning several Knit-Alongs; we are also vending next Saturday June 2 at the Granite State Knit-In, hosting a WorldWide Knit In Public Day on June 9 (we are inviting everyone to come, crochet, knit, spin, whatever your fiber addiction) and then in July we are vending at The Knit and Crochet Show in Manchester NH.... so much going on! What a great summer that is approaching!
We have new classes forming as I type as well as a Finishing Class for anyone who would like to learn how to complete a garment with those little finishing touches that can make your project go from hand-made to "you are the envy of all your knitting friends for your wonderful finish work!"
So remember, when the temperature goes up, come see us - we have the AC flowing here and chill out with us!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

And Let the Lacing Begin! and the Artfelt! and the Cubby Filling!

The Addi Lace Needles have arrived! We have many sizes available ranging from US#1-24" to US#6 - 47". These are a joy! We are finding that many of customers who try the Addi needles never go back - they are wonderful!

Oh the Artfelt is here!

Artfelt is revolutionizing the way we felt! This technique, using a combination of fine merino wool roving from Zitron and a magical easyfelt paper, is exclusively offered in the US and Canada by Skacel. Artfelt is a combination of needle felting, wet felting and fulling. It requires far less time and talent than any of the three! Artfelt allows one to make felted pieces that are as thin as paper as well as thick enough for a handbag, all while allowing for precision detailing of design. Any felted piece the imagination can conceive, artfelt can achieve!. Artfelt is the new centerpiece of the Artfelt line by Zitron. Artfelt is a new hand-dyed 100% merino roving, boasting a rating of 19 on the micron scale. Butter soft, durable and colorfully intoxicating, Zitrons roving is available in Pencil roving (40m/50g). There are currently 11 multicolored hues to choose from. We have previewed Artfelt is on our website and if you wish you can order your favorite color. We can either place it aside for you for pickup or you can have us ship it to you... remember we always offer free shipping in the US and Canada.

But until then, we will be filling cubbies.... fifty new cubbies have found their new home in our shop! Fun, fun, fun!!!!!!!

Carin (aka our knitting machine) has completed the first shawl from the Cherry Tree Hill Ribbon... and look at how amazing it is....

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Chemo Caps & Worldwide Knit In Public Day

Hello Everyone and Thank You!!!!!! We just had our fiftieth chemo cap dropped off! YEAH EVERYONE! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We will be dropping these caps off to a local hospital sometime next week. We will also be scheduling our next Knit for Comfort in our shop for sometime in mid to late June - stay posted for an upcoming date.

Other Exciting Events

We are scheduled to host the World Wide Knit In Public Day on June 9th. We are hoping to meet in Griffin Park in Windham from 10-5 with a backup location of the shop plaza lobby. Stay tuned for more information regarding location - we will be contacting the recreation department tomorrow for permission to use the park... either way, it will be a great time..... and may be coupled with a sale in the shop... :)

The Yarn and Fiber Company will also be vending at the Granite State Knit-In XVI which is a wonderful event happening on June 2 from 8:30 - 5:00 at the Governor Adams Lodge at Loon Mountain. We are so excited! (For details, call 603-898-6931.) This will be our first venue and we are brainstorming about what to bring! Woo hoo! Good things are on the horizon.... I can't wait to confirm more of them so I can let you all in on the fun!

Oh, wait, another event! We will also be vending at The Knitting and Crochet Show in Manchester NH this July 13-15th at the Radisson Center. We will be located in booth #318 and again we are very excited about this event!

Designer Workshops

We are busy emailing with designers to secure a great line-up for all of you who are interested in meeting or workshoping with our wonderful designers who inspire us in all things we love! If you have any designers in particular that you would like to meet, please let us know and we will add them to our list for contacting! Cross your fingers and wish us luck - if they all say yes this upcoming Summer, Fall and Winter will be fantastic.
PS - Don't forget, we have Cheryl Potter returning to our shop to do another workshop on September 15 from 1-4 - we still have a few more spots availalbe so either email us ( or call us (603-898-5059) to reserve your spot! This workshop is limited to 20 wonderful people!