Thursday, May 31, 2007

Gnuman the Gnome Crashes our Knitting Class!

Gnuman the Gnome crashed our knitting class last night and what a party-crasher he is... all the girls were oogling over him and stitches were dropped all around. He is such a little hunk and that soft beard is just irresistable.... hmmm.... we all hope we get to meet him again! Gnuman signed autographs and told us tales of his adventures from coast to coast (he frequently travels between Seattle and NH) and then informed us that he is now an experienced fork lift driver thanks to his new friends Debbie and Mary. He is also now a professional camper and ready to take on the wilds of any forest. Gnuman told us of his friends in the deep woods that include a raccoon, bears, chipmunks and even mentioned have a drink by a pool with Bambi. He is amazing!!!! For more info on Gnumans travels, please visit The Knitting Gnome Swap. Maybe you could be lucky enough to either visit or sponsor Gnuman in your home for a while. Have fun! We are!