Monday, May 19, 2008

For the Love of Noro! Silk Garden Sock Yarn

Just when I thought it was safe to meet with our Noro rep (I mean really now, if you have been in the Yarn and Fiber Company shop or on our website, you know that we have a lot of Noro, did I mention a lot of Noro, yeah, a lot of Noro), and he shows us.....

Noro Silk Garden Sock Yarn - New this season (of course) and available in the top eight colorways of Noro Silk Garden.... sigh! Yes, we bought them all and lots of each. We are hoping to see them sometime in late July through early September (I like to give Noro lots of time to arrive as it always arrives fashionably late :)

Here are the pictures of the colorways for your enjoyment! We are accepting pre-orders for this wonderful yarn and I can't wait to knit some for my toes! They have been busy lately and deserve a little Silk Garden in their world! If you are wondering, since I held a skein of this wonderful yarn, yes, it feels just like Silk Garden and looks like Silk Garden - I have two garments made from Silk Garden and wear them constantly... I may never change my socks! Then again, with eight colorways there are enough colorways for each day of the week plus one! Have a great day and onto the colorways.....

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Kauni Effektgarn EQ Yarn has Arrived!

Kauni Yarn Effektgarn wool 100% 8/2 in Colorway EQ 150 grams - 660 yards

If anyone is looking for Kauni EQ Effektgarn wool, now is a good time to order some.... a large order arrived today and we are updating inventory throughout the afternoon. In addition to the 140 - 170 gram balls, we have received a number of skeins in the 200 gram range which will be online by the weekend. Yeah! I just love this yarn!

Kauni Yarn Effektgarn Wool 100% 8/2