Friday, May 17, 2013

New Yarns, Patterns and Buttons Galore!

Hello Everyone!

Spring has sprung and the beautiful colors are upon us once again!   The colorful flowers embedded in the green grass reach up to face the warm sun as she peeks through the newly formed leaves of the towering trees which lean upon the bluest skies.....ahhh.... Spring!   Creative juices flow from our veins to try to capture these beautiful colorways and make them our own --- with of course the help of our favorite mediums --- yarn, rovings, fabrics, buttons and interesting and fun patterns!

Plymouth Yarns Linen Concerto is a new and fun yarn that is perfect for beautiful Spring garments!  Linen Concerto yarn is a machine washable blend of 48% Rayon, 42% Linen and 10% Cotton which is available in solids and self striping colorways!     Try this cute Picot Shawl which uses Linen Concerto yarn - this is a perfect shawl for cool evenings.   You can take this beautiful little shawl with you to throw over your arms when you are in air conditioning or make one for your friend that can't wear animal fiber.   It makes a perfect gift.

Happy fibering and have a wonderful week!