Sunday, April 20, 2008

Designer Louisa Harding is Way Cool!

This past Thursday, Louisa Harding visited our shop and when she left, we were starstruck and smiling! She is way cool! Louisa Harding is a designer who enjoys her own line of yarns through Knitting Fever Inc's Euro Division. She has published approximately seventeen books to date and she is involved in the entire process from creating her original designs to the actual photographing of the models with her husband. Her books are spectacular in themselves as they are bright and inspiring and her yarns are very feminine with either glitz or softness or both adding to girlie aspect of her designs. Everyone felt very beautiful when trying on the garments that she brought with her that are from her newest books Summer Classics and Dauphine (both which we quickly sold out of but more are on the way!)
Louisa at The Yarn and Fiber Company 2008
We had planned her visit with us as an informal gathering so that Louisa would have the time to spend with our customers (and us :) which she joyfully did!

Towards the end of her visit, I asked Louisa to please help me choose some colors for the Periwinkle Shawl which is pictured on the the cover of Louisa Harding Book 4 - Beachcomer Bay Accessories Collection. I have always loved this shawl and it is has been on the list of "things to make" for awhile. Well, not only did Louisa enthusiastically pick out a colorway for me, but she continued to assemble eight colorways in total and they are all spectacular! There is nothing better than working on a garment that screams "This yarn was hand-picked by Louisa." It is so wonderful! And the kit colors are all gorgeous! As a special treat for those of you couldn't make the trip to see and meet Louisa, we have put the kits on our website. We look forward to her visiting again, and again, and again!

Here are the colorways chosen by Louisa Harding for the Periwinkle Shawl. None of these colors are used in the the original design on the cover and all of the yarns vary from those used in the original design. These designs are based on Designers Choice of the yarns around her. Louisa's color choices below are just simply gorgeous!

Louisa Harding Periwinkle Shawl Kit in Black

Louisa Harding Periwinkle Shawl Kit in Gold/Purple

Louisa Harding Periwinkle Shawl Kit in Green/Blue

Louisa Harding Periwinkle Shawl Kit in Green/Pink

Louisa Harding Periwinkle Shawl Kit in Teal with Angora

Louisa Harding Periwinkle Shawl Kit in Red/Pink

Louisa Harding Periwinkle Shawl Kit in Teal/Pink

Louisa Harding Periwinkle Shawl Kit Pink/Beige

Thank you Louisa! We loved your visit!
And a special thank you to Haydee of Knitting Fever Inc. for bringing Louisa to our shop! It is such pleasure to meet someone who you usually only "meet" on the phone or through emails. Thanks again Haydee and Knitting Fever for bringing Louisa to us!

Monday, April 7, 2008

April 17th 11:00 - 2:00 Louisa Harding to visit The Yarn and Fiber Company

What a treat! On April 17th, from 11:00 to 2:00 Louisa Harding will be stopping by The Yarn and Fiber Company for a meet and greet. How wonderful! Bring your books for signing and any questions you may have for this wonderful designer. We have stocked up on her yarns and books and we will be serving a light lunch and refreshments! We are very, very excited! See you here!

And while you are shopping, please take a moment to browse the new Clearance category we created. As you may know about us, we are constantly bringing in more yarns and the shop is about to burst so we need to make more space. But then again, how much fun would a yarn explosion be!

Speaking of new lines of yarn , these were added just in the last week and a half :)

Jade Sapphire Silk Cashmere Yarn

Jade Sapphire Silk Cashmere Yarn - Absolutely yummy to the touch and knits beautifully for lace!

Ironstone Felicia Yarn

Debbie Bliss Prima Yarn

Debbie Bliss Prima Yarn Prima is a beautiful bamboo/wool that is perfect for creating knits that shape and drape. The yarn flows off the needles and knits like a dream, the slight sheen giving a hint of luxury to a smooth, classic yarn.

Lana Grossa Meilenweit Cotton 100 Max Sock Yarn #3354

Lana Grossa Meilenweit Cotton 100 Max Sock Yarns Allround and Sock Yarn, Special print, patterns appear during knitting

Lana Grossa Baco Silk Ribbon

Lana Grossa Baco Silk Ribbon Yarn Absolute luxury best describes this wonderfully luxurious soft silk blend ribbon, with a fantastic sheen perfect for summer garments, or to blend with other yarns

Lana Grossa Cambio Yarn

Lana Grossa Cambio Yarn Stunning iridescent cotton yarn that shines, very light, thin, soft silky cord. Great for open work patterns or to combine with other yarns.

Lana Grossa Linarte Yarn

Lana Grossa Linarte Yarn A wonderful braided cotton linen yarn, great for cool summer garments. Easy to knit with and wear.

Lana Grossa Luxor Yarn

Lana Grossa Luxor Yarn Super soft glossy tube yarn has fabulous feel and a great drape to make your garments feel extra special.

Elsebeth Lavolds Hempathy New Colors arrived Elsebeth Lavolds Hempathy is a lovely yarn, made up of 40% Hemp, 40% Cotton and 20% Modal. The hemp content provides for a great drape and a linen-like feel, the cotton adds softness, and the modal provides elasticity.

Gedifra Ayala Yarn

Gedifra Ayala Yarn A beautiful new yarn from Gedifra, 51% Viscose, 27% Polyamide, 22% Linen. Comes in 50 gram balls of 90 meters. DK weight.

Ivy Brambles Vista Worsted Weight Yarn

Ivy Brambles New Colorways in Pure Silk and Rondure and recently added Vista

And new pattern support books and magazines recently added that are all spectacular!

Katia Magazine 54

Lana Grossa Cotone Magazine 1

Lana Grossa Cotone Magazine 2

Lana Grossa Filati Magazine Accessories 5 Booklet

Lana Grossa Filati Handknitting Magazine 29

Lana Grossa Filati Magazine 32

Lana Grossa Filati Magazine 34

Lana Grossa Filati Magazine 35

Elsebeth Lavold The Dreamweaver Collection Book Fourteen

Knitted Socks Book by Anna Tillman

Knitwear Book by Sasha Kagan

Interweave Spin Off Spring 2008

Knitters Magazine Spring 2008

Heartstrings #H47 My Bleeding Heart Scarf

Heartstrings #S26 Matchmaker Sports Socks

Noro World of Nature Volume 23

Noro Joy by Jane Ellison

Enjoy and Happy Fibering!