Thursday, September 6, 2007

Trains, Blankets and Finished Projects!

What's better than a yarn shop with a train? Nothing if you are a little one or the mother of one or several little ones that like yarn! Our newest addition to the yarn shop is a wonderful train table that is loved by all! Here's the scenario - four little ones (under ten years of age) came in with their mom, the littlest one was very upset that the shop puppy - Stitches - wasn't in at the moment - tears turned to instant smiles when he saw the train set....... all were happy - in fact I think Mom had to ask twice if the kids were ready to leave when she was done shopping! Ah, another good day at the yarn shop - even for the 2-year old! I wonderful if he will ask for Stitchie or the train when I see him next???? He's such a cutie!

Check out this blanket!!!! Handmade and designed by Megan (President of the SHS Knitting Club) using Muench Big Baby! Megan used the free Big Baby Baby Blanket as her basis and made the blanket "hers" by making it bigger! We are all about making the patterns your own so that they work for your world, size, color, fiber preference, etc.

The blanket only took 11 skeins of yarn and Meg claims it is perfect for wearing while doing homework or watching TV. Meg blanket is almost as beautiful as she is! She that smile on her face, it is always there! Good job girl!

Another great job is this beautiful sweater made by Teresa from Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool - oh, and this is her first project! Amazingly gorgeous! Teresa takes one of our Beyond Beginning Knitting classes run by Nancy and with Nancy's expertise and guidance, she created this gorgeous sweater. And check out the great finish work - Tonia Barry is definitely turning us all into better knitters (finishers!) with her Finishing Techniques class - Thanks Nancy and Tonia for being wonderful and talented and passing on your talents to us! And great job on the sweater Teresa!
More to come soon I promise! Lots of pictures to upload and lots to write about... see you all soon!