Sunday, September 9, 2007

GGH Yarn on Special!

Hello Fiber Lovers!
We wanted to let everyone know that we have marked the GGH yarn on super special for the rest of the month of September! Yes, the entire line of in-stock GGH has been put on a special sale - here is the line-up: Cashmere, Silk, Davos, Solitaire, Maxima, Aldente, Aspen, Bolero, Cappella, Coco, Goa, Maya, Risibisi, Mystik, Scarlett, Soft Kid, Wollywasch and Veneto. Each yarn has its own uniqueness - some are superwash while some are simply fun! And others, well, they are simply silk or cashmere - what more is there to say!
Noro Blossom is on special as we have limited amounts available and it has been discontinued with the distributor. We still have enough Blossom in different colorways that would equal sweater amounts - if you have been putting off getting some Blossom for a sweater or something else, here is your chance - this yarn is disappearing into stashes across the globe fast!
Are you behind on your fiber reading or want to think about a new area of fibering but missed a past issue of a new magazine you meant to check out? Did you find out that a knit along you want to join is based on a pattern in a magazine that is no longer available on a newstand? We may have it..... and it is most likely on special! Check out our magazine specials - when they are gone, they are gone..... By the way, the Fiber Arts by Interweave Press are a hidden treasure and are full of inspiring ideas that can carry over into many areas! I love browsing them!

On a more human note - what do YOU do on a rainy Sunday afternoon? Well here is a shot of what Jerry did, or didn't do, today.... His goal, to make a bunch of socks on his sock knitting machine.... hee hee.... well, let's just say that it appears that sock knitting machines don't seem to like rainy days...... his sock ribber didn't want to cooperate and with a big sigh he said, "There must be an easier way to do this." "Did ya ever hear of Magic Loop?" I asked him. He thinks its the yarn... I think its the rainy day!
Bye! Have a good day!