Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Hardest Thing about Working in a Yarn Shop is.....

All the yummy yarn that arrives every day! The hard part is not making a project from every yarn in every color! When the boxes arrive (and we never know when a box is coming or what is in them) - the boxes are quickly opened and all in the shop (staff and customers) start to ohh and ahh over the contents - then we start leafing through the pattern books that arrive, matching up gorgeous yarns with wonderful and flattering patterns and wallah, we are in project heaven. But the hard part now - putting the beautiful yarns and patterns books on their shelves and trying to stay focused on the projects we are each currently working on... there is always tomorrows shipment!

So, with that out, I am completely fogged over by the recent arrival of Cherry Tree Hills Ribbon yarn that was delivered on Thursday - not so much by the amount but by the colors! We worked all of Thursday and most of Friday to display the yarn and to get it up on the website (we take all of our own pictures you know!) The hardest part here is a combination of knowing this is discontinued yarn (four of every colorway arrived but it is already going quick) and what each of us want to make for ourselves! We are fiber addicts at heart and love it all! The skein in the picture was the first out of the box - Cherry Tree Hills Glitter Sachet in colorway Country Garden - Rita, our wonderful new friend and customer of the shop and staff was in to see the unpacking of the ribbon and bought the skein on the spot - she asked us to stop unpacking until she left as she was falling in love with every skein that I unpacked - I can't blame her, we all fell in love too! Oh, we did find out from her wondeful sister, Ellen, from Georgia that she makes fabulous beaded jewelry and she is making some for us! Yeah, Rita!