Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Fashion on the Runway, Fun and the Staff Cave into the Ribbon

What a day it has been! First, our newest arrival is the long awaited Runway Knits (which we didn't expect for another month) arrived today - YEAH! What a gorgeous book full of patterns that are gorgeously designed with cables, lace, long deep bolero sweaters and just wonderful colors and yarns and designs and... well you probably get the point! Tonia Barry (our own Windham Designer) has been asking for this book for months - I don't think she will be disappointed... maybe she will give us a quick review from her professional designer expertise. We feel at the height of fashion and if we were to all make each of the sweaters we would be gorgeous and have to set up a runway in the shop to just be around ourselves..... :)

Oh, and speaking of making things as a group, the entire staff has caved into making ribbon shawls... we can't help ourselves... all other projects have taken a back seat and we have immersed into knitting shawles and rectangular ponchos from the specatular hand-dyed ribbon we received last week. We all chose different colors, most of us choosing glitter sachet with the exception of Hannah who chose the sachet sans glitz. We chose Blueberry Hill, Foxy Lady, Serengeti, Northern Lights and although Java is her favorite, Silver Streak was preferred by Carin this time around (of course she already has a shawl done in Java). Stop by and check our progress - I will post some them as they grow past five inches. These will work up quick on #19 needles.

It is always fun here and I think our Tuesday morning class will attest to this... our five ladies were full of spunk and most of them left today with ribbon for scarves for either themselves for fall or for Christmas gifts! Great thinking! Other good news is Barbara's search is over for the yarn and the pattern to go with the model in the shop - i.e., we received the yarn, Pehuen, and the model, but no pattern came until this week. It has been months waiting for the pattern to arrive, but finally it is here and is in the Araucania by Jane Ellison book (cover sweater too which helped find it quickly as it came out of the box)... Barbara scooped up her yarn this morning during class and we wound a few skeins for her on the skein winder to get her started... Go Barbara Go!

Also, Nichole's (Lap Dog Creations) specially ordered hand signed copy of Special Little Knits arrived and she is thrilled. She has emailed me a list of people who she would like to have us bring in as designers - She's the Best! I love this! I will be spending some time in the morning emailing them and hopefully, a near future blog will have a posting about a confirmation for another designer visiting us.