Monday, February 13, 2017

Announcing the Launch of the New Knitmaster Needles with Superflex Cord from Knitting with Friends

Hello Everyone!

We are pleased to announce the launch of our newest products from Knitting with Friends now available online and in the shop, Knitmaster Needles with Superflex Cords.   These new knitting needles are user friendly for many reasons!   The needles feature a super flexible, anti-kink cord direct from the package - no more fighting with kinky cords.   A main feature is the seamless join that allows your knitting to glide along your needle.   And, in addition, whether you are working in the round or back and forth on your circular needles, they are designed to take stress off your hands.

A new favorite for the 2017 season has been Acacia Yarns Alpaca Cotton - yes, 35% Alpaca and 60% Cotton, and 5% Acrylic create a gorgeous fabric for sweaters, mittens and hats.... each 50 gram ball has 88 yards and works up like a dream... this has been a great sweater yarn for the season and even when wet, the yarn stays put and doesn't stretch.   A great, great yarn for a warm and comfy everyday sweater!   Oh, and did I mention that it is soft... and works for those who don't wear wool.... yeah!   Available in a variety of colors!

Have a great day and fiber on!

The Yarn and Fiber Company