Thursday, June 7, 2012

New Knitters Pride Knitting Needles are Beautiful!

Knitters Pride Dreamz Symfonie Wood Interchangeable Deluxe Set Knitting Needles

Just in, Knitters Pride Needles!   The new circular knitting needle has recently come on the market and you have to know about it!
Knitters Pride Nova Interchangeable Deluxe Circular Needle Set

Introducing Knitters Pride circular needles available in fixed circular needles and also interchangeable tips and cords.   We love this needle!   The Knitters Pride Nova metal needles are sharp tipped, light, and the cords have the most flexibility right out of the packet of all the needles that we have used - and we have used a lot of needles :)
Knitters Pride Dreamz Symfonie Wood Interchangeable Needle Tip US #10 (6.0 mm) Standard 5 Inch Tip

Also available are the wooden  Knitters Pride Symfonie Dreamz knitting needles in both interchangeable sets, individual tips, and cords and also we have the Limited Edition Rosewood Needles Sets.  The Knitters Pride Symfonie Dreamz knitting needles come in a variety of colors to make your knitting time even more enjoyable.   These needles are beautiful and a joy to work with!

Knitters Pride Cubics Symfonie Rose Wood Interchangeable Needle Tip US #11 (8.0 mm) 5 Inch TipAnd, to maximize your choice selection, we have also added the Cubics to our line-up of needles.  These square needles are the delight of many knitters... try one and you may be hooked to!  Its hip to be square!

All the tips fit onto the same cords, so you can mix and match your needles!

And, best of all, these tips and cords do not come undone!   When used with the anchor key which is provided with every cord, these needles join together seamlessly and I repeat, do not come undone!  Yeah!

Happy fibering!