Thursday, August 9, 2007

Cranking socks!

We would like to thank Kelly for rushing over yesterday to help us set up our knitter at the shop. We ordered a Legare 47 from Claude Rouxe on ebay and it arrived in great condition. Kelly loaned us a set of new big-hook needles and we got the machine cranking!
After having so much fun dyeing yarn for socks with Cheryl Potter it seemed like it would be forever before we got around to actually using it to make a pair. A sock knitting machine (suitable for a mechanically minded soul like me) seems like a great solution as we seem to have a lot of sock yarn and no samples of socks!

Kelly showed me how to make a threading bonnet (which works great), and how to make a sock. We made the green sock using Regia Crazy Color and the black one in Regia Silk Shine (I was using it as scrap yarn and Kelly accused me of insanity so I turned it into a sock after she went home to make dinner).

I loosened the tension on the black sock (the green one is too tight) and then it didn't drop any stitches on the ribbing, however I think it a little too loose, but not bad for the second sock made on this machine in over 80 years!
The light part on the toe is waste yarn that gets cut off when the toe is closed. After some practice we will knit up some of that gorgeous Cherry Tree Hill hand dyed sock yarn we had so much fun with during the hand dye class!